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Blemishes and damage can build up on the skin's surface, resulting in a dull complexion with spots, scars, and fine lines. At Divine IV and Wellness, dermabrasion treatments remove the dead and damaged skin cells from the top layers of your face, revealing a more youthful appearance with clearer, even skin that feels smooth and soft. Our staff at our Chandler, AZ office highly recommends dermabrasion if you would like a quick, effective nonsurgical procedure that reduces early signs of aging and improves your skin's health. Designed to smooth the texture and tone of your complexion, dermabrasion can be a good treatment to rejuvenate yourself if you are not ready for a facelift. For more information on dermabrasion treatments, contact Divine IV and Wellness to schedule an appointment.

Dermabrasion in Chandler, AZ at Divine IV and Wellness is a simple, yet beneficial, noninvasive therapy to boost your skin's health, appearance, and vitality with a number of impressive benefits, including:

  • Provides effective exfoliation
  • Reduces natural signs of aging, lines, and wrinkles
  • Firms and tightens skin
  • Eliminates impaired, dead skin cells
  • Lessens skin blemishes and irregularities
  • Improves and smooths out coarse texture
  • Levels skin tone
  • Minimizes the visibility of scars and acne scarring
  • Enhances skin health
  • Amplifies and renew the skin
  • Safe and viable for any skin type

After a consultation, dermabrasion treatments will be done in our minor procedure room. You will be able to relax as your skin is cleaned and prepped for the treatment. Local anesthesia can be given to numb the skin before the treatment so you will feel more relaxed during the process. Dermabrasion is done with a special tool that applies a spinning, gritty handpiece along the skin to safely slough off the upper layers of skin. You will be able to leave right after the dermabrasion treatment to get back to your regular schedule.

Amy and Ann are AMAZING! I seriously will be going no other place for my hormone replacement and other treatments. I had been back and forth with my PCP who had continued to say that my blood work was normal and I just needed to go see a therapist. I knew that wasn’t it. My energy was low, my head was in a fog, I had no sex drive, and I couldn’t remember anything. I also plateaued with my weight loss after pregnancy. I wasn’t depressed and I knew it, my hormones were a mess. Then I found Amy!!! She seriously changed my life. My energy is back, I am more productive then ever even with my hectic lifestyle, and I can say my husband, well he is definitely happy. If you are in a funk get in to see Amy now! Don’t walk RUN! I tell all my friends about her. A few go to her now and they say the same amazing things about her. So be the best you and get to Divine IV and Wellness asap!

T.K. Google

I honestly do not know where I'd be if I hadn't found Amy. For over 10yrs I begged doctors to help me find out why I was always in pain. They would just look at me and tell me to lose weight. No test, no xrays. Just bloodwork to see if I was diabetic. I wasn't, and I'm still not. Amy got xrays and MRI's done and found exactly what was wrong. She is so thorough and listens to everything I told her that she was able to find answers to other issues that I was having. I am so thankful to her and recommend her to anyone needing answers and not getting them from their primaries.

J.G. Google

Always a great experience! Helpful and informative team. Always feel more informed and on track with my health with them.

H.R. Google

Dr. Berkhout and staff are amazingly compassionate and knowledgeable.

S.S. Google

If you are a woman of a certain age and have dealt with your regular ob/gyn or someone who has prescribed you testosterone creams or those weird troche things and had no effect, DO NOT give up. Go see Amy! Have concerns and hesitancies about testosterone pellets? GET OVER IT! That’s where I was and Amy convinced me to give it a try. Only thing that’s made a difference. She’s funny. She’s kind. She’s irreverent. She gets it. Do not wait, call her immediately.

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Divine IV and Wellness strives to enhance your natural appearance to boost your self-confidence. Noninvasive dermabrasion treatments can reveal a healthier complexion with fewer lines, scars, spots, wrinkles, and early signs of damage. At your initial consultation, you can expect to receive a thorough explanation of the process, as well as an assessment of your skin to help create your custom treatment plan. To get started down the path toward clearer, healthier skin, contact our Chandler, AZ office to learn more about the benefits of dermabrasion and schedule your treatment.

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Should I get dermabrasion or a chemical peel?

During your consultation, a member of our team at Divine IV and Wellness will examine your skin and ask about your concerns and wants. Then, they can explain whether dermabrasion or a chemical peel is what you need. A medium to deep chemical peel or dermabrasion treatment is good for correcting sun damage, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and uneven texture. You may find that you prefer one treatment over the other or that you are less sensitive after one. Talk to our team about your skin's health and history, including previous reactions or allergies.

Is dermabrasion painful?

Based on the strength of your treatment, your aesthetician will suggest a local skin anesthetic to help you stay comfortable during the procedure. Following your dermabrasion, once the anesthesia wears off, your skin may sting or feel like you have a light sunburn. We will give you post-treatment skin care advice, such as the best creams to use and how often to use them. Swelling, redness, and discomfort should be gone as soon as your skin heals and your skin starts to look smoother and clearer.

Can I combine dermabrasion with other treatments?

Generally, we do not suggest combining dermabrasion with other resurfacing treatments (for example, a chemical peel or RF skin tightening). However, you might consider getting an injectable wrinkle treatment or facial with dermabrasion. Tell our team about all your goals in your initial consultation so they can develop a comprehensive plan that addresses everything.

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